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Gordana Lebović

Gordana Lebović, theatre director, graduated from Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama Arts, and for over fifteen years has worked on creative investigation in the field of contemporary theatre and art. She is the author and founder of the multimedia project Omen, from which Omen Theatre was born.

Lebović is the author, director, producer, coordinator and workshop leader of Omen Theatre, as well as in the projects in which Omen Theatre takes part. Her work is based on investigatory and experimental processes, pushing the boundaries of contemporary theatre, connecting it to other spheres of modern art and synthesizing the resulting methods into her educational and humanitarian work. Her plays have been performed in Serbia and abroad, as well as in many local and international festivals. She lives and works in Belgrade.

Slobodan Beštić

Slobodan Beštić, actor, graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts, and since 2001 has been a member of the National Theatre in Belgrade.

Beštić has also worked as a professor at the BK academy in Belgrade, Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje and Academy of the Arts in Osjek. He is the founder of SVAN Theatre. He is involved in Omen Theatre as an author, actor and workshop leader. A recipient of many local and international acting awards, Beštić lives and works in Belgrade.


Vedran Vučić

Vedran Vučić, a co-founder of Omen theatre, works with the application of technology in sound analysis, synthesis and transformation in theatre arts. He has composed for numerous plays, performances, contemporary dance pieces and other contemporary theatre productions.

Vedran Vučić’s work deals with open source software application in the arts and cooperation between the artists and programmers, with special emphasis on educational activities which provide the artists an opportunity to enrich and widen their means of artistic expression using modern technologies. He has been published in numerous magazines, and collaborates with scientists and artists in AI and robotics application in the arts. He lives and works in Belgrade.

Janoš Buš

Janoš Buš, actor and performer, is a co-founder of Omen theatre. His work deals with applied investigation of acting techniques in modern theatre. He is an actor, author and workshop leader in theatre, educational and humanitarian projects by Omen Theatre. He lives and works in Belgrade



Igor Vasiljev

Igor Vasiljev, set designer, graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is the creator of numerous set designs both in-country and abroad.

In addition to his work as a set designer, Vasiljev researches digital media, especially digital art, photography, electro-acoustic music, video, web and graphic design. He is a long-term collaborator with Omen Theatre on numerous projects, and the winner of numerous set design awards. He lives and works in Belgrade.

Srđan Veljović

Srđan Veljović, photographer and art worker, graduated from School of Electrical engineering at the University of Belgrade. He explores issues of identity by examining and blurring its perimeters.

His projects include Architecture and Fascism, Good Life as an Excess, Sky, Limits of Gender, Economy of Power Between Heterosexual Relationships, What is a Safe Altitude? Razor Wire, The Art of Transition, Transponder-Johnny Rackovic, Incidences of Solidarity, and Techno – Position of Subculture. Srđan Veljović has taken part in individual and group exhibitions in Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Austria, and Germany. He is a member of ULUS (Fine-Arts Association of Serbia), and lives and works in Belgrade

Isidora Spasić

Isidora Spasić, set designer, graduated from Accademia di belle arti di Brera in Milan, Italy, where she further specialized in set design for cinema and TV.

Author of various sets and costumes for theatre, cinema and music videos, as well as design solutions and artistic installations for exibitions (Cultural center of Belgrade, Cultural center REX, Gallery of Science and Technology) and music festivals (EXIT 2012). Isidora took part and led numerous workshops for young artists and festivals in Serbia and abroad. She lives and works in Belgrade and Milan.

Duško Ruljević

Duško Ruljević, a Belgrade-based artist, is the author of various sets for theatre and film projects, recognized by competing at numerous festivals, as well as winning a large number of awards (3rd Prize Cinéfondation Ex-aequo, Cannes, FR; Up to 10000 bucks, CINEMA CITY, Novi Sad, RS; Young Cuts, Montreal, CA; Duka Fest, Banja Luka, BiH).

Aside from his engagement in the field of production design, Duško is active in investigating contemporary theater and multimedia. His works were a part of group exhibitions held at Bitef Theatre, Residence of Princess Ljubica, Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Cultural center Rex in Belgrade, as well as the Red House gallery in Reykjavik. Since 2010 Duško is a member of Omen Theatre.