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Omen Theatre developed from the Omen, a project formed in 1995 to establish a new system of creative work with young people. The team of authors consisted of artists of various backgrounds, and carried out experimental and educational multimedia workshops with the goal of further developing the artistic potential of the program’s participants.

Omen Theatre in its present form was established in 1998 with the authors’ need to continue and deepen the exploration and experimentation in the field of contemporary arts, especially theatre.

By creating a new language of symbols, Omen Theatre discovers new possibilities in increasing accuracy and directness in communication. Omen explores and analyses the relationship between an individual and society, as well as a man’s search for identity. Through the use of contemporary theatre techniques and modern technologies with a multimedia approach, Omen searches for new theatrical and artistic forms and metaphors.

As a non-governmental organisation, Omen Theatre operates through:

  • investigation in the field of contemporary theatre and dance
  • researching the various forms of modern art, multimedia, new technologies and their implementation in contemporary theatre
  • organisation of educational and professional workshops for artists, pedagogues and young people
  • organising and carrying out humanitarian projects and workshops based on various artistic techniques
  • organising projects with the goal of further affirmation of marginalised groups in society
  • organisation of international gatherings, conferences and festivals in the field of contemporary arts, particularly theatre, and education
  • collaboration with international institutions and agencies in the field of theatre and other arts
  • organising tours of international artists and pedagogues
  • production of its own projects, as well as projects of other artists and groups